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How To Purchase Art On Line?

How To Purchase Art On Line?

Yes, I do it. I walk the walk, post the post, and purchase right from an instagrammers feed. And I've never been disappointed.

I work long hours and truth be told, the last thing I want to be doing is taking a trip to the mall at the end of the day. My couch has become my store. Yes, I do try to frequent my favorite local boutiques and I do feel badly when I think about how often I purchase from Amazon. 

But instagrammers are different — truly. We (me included) are hardworking entrepreneurs who work our feeds for hours a day — trying to bring you the best of the best in terms of pictures and products. And our platforms are so public, we make every effort not to disappoint. 

The online world is now. It may be sad on some level that the brick and mortar is struggling and please do shop local when you can. But on another level, we now have access to everything imaginable— more products and services to choose from than ever. 

So, you may be thinking that art is different. Perhaps the colors will be different up close or the painting won't really work in your space. There's a solution to both. Here's a few of my tips.

1. Get to know the artist. Message and start a relationship.

2. Watch their feed. Look for regularity and consistency. If they are posting regularly, they are serious about creating and selling their art.

3. Ask for photos - up close, details, on the wall, etc. 

4. Ask about the artist's return policy? I give my customers a week to try. Paintings must be returned in the condition they were shipped.

5. Enjoy looking at all the possibilities. It's never been better or easier to buy that perfect piece of art.


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