There are only unknowns in the early stages of my paintings. It is this that makes the beginnings of a new work so magical for me. I have a love for tiny details—hints of gold, fabrics and papers with interesting design elements. Surprises always find their way onto my canvas. 

“If I create from the heart, nearly everything works; if from the head, almost nothing.” 

Marc Chagall

Coming Up Roses


paint the town yellow




Bedazzled -2


Welcome to my Studio

My artist studio is a place of ultimate calm and unbridled energy. It is in this space that I feel free to let go and let whatever unfolds, unfold. From the earliest age, I was intrigued by creative spaces - a writer's desk, a music room, an attic or even a garage. I've seen (sometimes studied) scores of photographs—the studios of Georgia O'Keefe, Frances Bacon, Picasso, De Kooning and many others. I knew something magical went on in those spaces. It doesn't matter where that magic occurs— whether it's in a huge industrial loft (drool), a tiny nook, on a kitchen table, or in an alcove repurposed for your art space. Greatness has emerged from any number of spaces. Periodically, I will welcome you into the space where I create so that you can see how a painting evolves—from those very messy first steps to the moment when I decide a painting is complete. I hope you enjoy looking at the work and keep coming back as I will post new work regularly.



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