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Why Can't I Get Started?

Why Can't I Get Started?

Do you often delay getting started, procrastinate, convince yourself you don’t have time or find yourself overwhelmed just thinking about what you need to do?

Whether it’s making a major life change, starting, or finishing a project, we all meet with some common emotions and problems that cause us to avoid doing.  Often we have so many things and so many options to consider that we shut down completely. 

Our brains are there to protect us from overwhelm and so it stops us from making any move at all

So let’s begin with what we know. Our minds can be a paralyzing place to inhabit. There’s so much in there, all the time, that a state of overwhelm is always just around the bend. The fact that all that stuff that is rolling around in there is actually what stops us from taking the first step. 

Consider this. Is it how you feel about what you need to do rather than the quantity of things you need to do the real stopping point?

The state of being overwhelmed may not be caused by what you need to accomplish. Yes, we all have lists a mile long. And yes, the days are always shorter than we need them to be. Still we manage to text, check our phones and incorporate any number of time wasters into our days. So, we do have time afterall.

Start Somewhere

Create 4 equal squares on a sheet of paper. At the top of each square write your focus areas i.e. Family, Work, Health, Solitude, etc. These are just examples so use what’s pertinent in your life.  Next in each of those areas quickly jot down what comes to your mind. Now prioritize. Take your highest priority in each area and write down your next steps keeping the number to no more than 3. More than that and you will quickly shift into overwhelm mode.

Another option is to choose a step that’s easiest to complete and work from the simplest to the more complex. We thrive on completion so a quick win is highly motivating. 


Personally, I do best by starting with the easiest to complete steps. I know I have to get in there and attack the biggies but getting the little things finished helps my own mindset. When I go for the larger things on my list, I break them down further so they too have little steps and big wins to motivate me and keep me going.

Keep in mind that every big project is just a collection of small steps. Take the first and you are on your way.


"Continuity gives us roots; change gives us branches.." Pauline Kezer

"Continuity gives us roots; change gives us branches.." Pauline Kezer