Workshop Schedule

2019 is upon us and a new schedule of workshops is about to be released. I offer hands-on workshop with a lot of demos and the opportunity to work on your own individual projects from week to week. Classes are kept very small so that I can provide an extensive amount of individual guidance and attention.


From Journal To Canvas
January 9, 16, 23 - 12-3


Tap into your creativity with these weekly sessions where I provide an opportunity to explore the wonderful world of art making with a wide variety of materials, tools and techniques. The Wednesday sessions will be about finding your creative soul - embracing the art of play and imperfection. Work at your own pace and on your own projects. Demos are given all throughout these sessions. This workshop welcomes artists at all levels. Classes are small and intimate so that you can explore and expand your horizons with confidence.


Mark Making With Intention


Making marks in the early layers of an abstract painting is vital. While many of the early lines will be pushed back with paint and glazes, the lines and shapes still show through making the painting deeper and more interesting. But what represents a mark? How many layers of marks do you make? And when do you know when to start covering and pushing pack to create some spaces in the canvas? We will explore this and more in this workshop.This is a hands on workshop with many demos and the opportunity for one-on-one guidance.

art tools.jpg

Working On A Large Canvas

Learn how to embrace and begin painting on a large canvas. This is the workshop for you if want to dive into a bigger canvas. More space to explore. More Freedom. But also the danger of getting lost in lines, shapes and colors that don’t connect. We work with composition and those unhappy moments when you love one aspect of a painting and despise another. And what happens when we try to hold on to bits of a painting when we really need to let go of what's not working. Attendance will be limited so that each participant receives individual attention.


A materials list will be provided after sign-up.