How To Choose A Piece Of Art

Art can be complicated. I’m not talking about the making of art but rather the selection of a piece of art for your home. So much goes into choosing a piece of art—whether it be a drawing, a painting or a piece of sculpture. There is the cost, color, space and often a lack of sureness about what the customer thinks will be “right”.

Most people come to me with a specific wall in their house. They usually have pictures on their smartphones to show me — mostly of a wall and often nothing else. This of course contributes to it being complicated. As an artist, I actually want to see more of a person’s space—even the messy, not so beautiful spaces. I like to know how a person lives and with whom. Do you live alone? With a friend? Spouse? Kids? Young? Teens?  Showing how neat or messily perfect you are is often helpful. So one piece of advice when you go search for a piece of art or a painting—bring pictures of other rooms in your house. Show the artist your overall style. Show me how you live and with whom. It will help both you and me choose not only a a painting or two but I believe that the art you connect with can lift your spirits at the same time as it makes your home look beautiful


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