The Art Studio Is Finally Open

For as long as I can remember I have been creating vision boards with pictures of art studios. Mostly, they were lofts with sky high ceilings and windows that began at the floor. The kinds of spaces you lust after but realize aren’t all that available or affordable. But a girl can dream, right?

One day my friend mentioned that there was a little building in a nearby town that was vacant. It was set off the road a bit and the space that would hold my studio was painted what someone (not me) called “puke purple” lol.  It was dingy and damp and in need of real TLC.  I naively ignored the decor and focused on the infusion of light. It was a love at first sight moment. I have never had a space to paint in where the natural light is so amazing. It didn’t take long before the very idea of having my dream studio grabbed a hold of my sanity.

I would like to tell you that the renovation of this art space was a lovely walk in a magical forest. But I can’t. I wouldn’t quite call it a nightmare but it’s also not something I would like to repeat too soon. Just like any other renovation, there were a multitude of road blocks and the project went way over budget. I’m told the pain fades with time LOL.

Finally, the studio is open and I’m excited to have visitors to the space. With all the set backs and a bit  (well maybe a lot) of foot stomping along the way, it’s a true blessing to have this room of my own. And now it’s just waiting for a lot of art magic to be made here.

Stay tuned for more of that. And please call me if you happen to be in the neighborhood.






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